June 20-21, 2019


2 days. 1 room. 25 of the world’s top UX experts. Over 200 digital professionals. Join us, and be a part of the new digital revolution.

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June 20 - 21

Lebanon’s ​first ​global ​UX ​event ​- ​two action-packed ​days ​of ​talks ​and workshops. ​Our ​international ​panel ​of speakers ​will ​be ​presenting ​some ​of the ​most ​innovative ​ideas ​about ​user experience, ​design, ​marketing ​and technology.

Be ​a ​part ​of ​inspiring ​conversations with ​mentors ​and ​peers ​in ​the ​digital industry, ​learn ​through ​hands-on workshops ​and ​discover ​the ​latest trends ​in ​design ​and ​user ​experience. UXB ​will ​take ​place ​in ​the Beirut Digital District ​on ​June 20th ​and ​21rst.

"One of the best events I ever attended".

"Being part of this fantastic happening will be one of my lifetime memories. I am honored to be part of it." Emily, Google.

Cutting edge.

#UXB19 is a two-day conference at the cutting edge of user experience.

Experts from around the world.

UX experts from leading digital companies will present their most exciting digital projects.

Hands-on training.

Digital and design experts will share their insights and offer hands-on training.

200+ digital professionals.

Join an audience of over 200 digital professionals, in the heart of Beirut’s booming Digital District.


Don't lose the opportunity to mingle with some of the top minds in digital innovation today.


With hands-on workshops and stimulating talks, you'll leave UXB inspired to take on the digital world.

Be part of the global UX movement.

At ​UXB, ​our ​mission ​is ​to ​bring ​together ​designers, ​digital ​and customer experience experts ​from ​all ​over ​the ​world, ​who ​are ​united ​by ​a ​passion ​for ​providing extraordinary ​user ​experiences. ​Join ​us ​as ​we ​put ​Beirut ​on ​the ​map ​as ​a ​hub ​of digital ​innovation ​and ​entrepreneurship.

Network with hundreds of digital and UX professionals

Become a digital leader in your organization

Stay ahead of the latest developments in digital and design

Level up your UX skills with practical workshops

Where our speakers come from.

UXB brings together experts in user experience, digital design, marketing and technology from around the globe. Our speakers lead on digital projects for some of the biggest companies in the world, including Google, McKinsey, and IBM.

Interested in Sponsorship?

UXB offers a unique opportunity to feature your brand alongside a panel of prestigious sponsors. Contact ​us ​for ​details ​on ​our sponsorship ​packages.

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Friends & partners.

We’re incredibly grateful ​for ​the ​support ​we’ve ​received ​from our ​fantastic ​partners. UXBeirut is an approved Educational Partner of the Interaction Design Foundation, the world's largest UX design learning community.

#UXB18 in action

The go-to conference

Last year, we had a waiting list of over 100 people.

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